A world full of colors, surprises and emotions.
Welcome to the crazy world of YaYa and Zouk, the new preschool comedy where everything is an excuse for laughter and discovery.
The series features YaYa, the older and very creative sister and her little brother Zouk. Cozy in daily life, the two children take pleasure going from real to imaginary worlds, bringing toys that come to life along the way.


YaYa is the eldest in the family, but she’s more naïve than her younger brother, Zouk, who she adores. She’s very enthusiastic and talks a lot, sometimes too much according to Zouk, but she’s irresistible because of her good mood.


Zouk is the second youngest and without question the most brilliant. He loves playing with YaYa, but also appreciates moments of solitude so he can read quietly.


Mummy has lots of children who keep her quite busy. We often see her vacuuming, which gives her an audio presence. The kids are never alone in the house; Mummy’s always nearby and loving like all mothers.


We don’t often see him, but there is indeed a loving father in this house. YaYa gives him great praise in the episode called "Daddy or Mummy."


Raymond is YaYa’s stuffed dragon that occasionally comes alive. He’s very soft, doesn’t speak, but bleats.

The Stuffed Animals

Aziz the polar bear, Menu Maurice the octopus, Corinne the elephant, Judith the crocodile, and Julius the owl belong to Zouk. They can all speak and live at the foot of Zouk’s bed. They’re naïve and sometimes come to life, as do Lulu the ogre and the princess, which are figurines.
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